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About Us

We are one of the leading makers of the freshest, locally-grown and harvested marionberry and huckleberry products, along with fifteen other Oregon fruit products.  Health-conscious consumers want products that taste delicious without adding preservatives, refined sugars, or artificial ingredients.  
Our Sugar Free products feature quality preserves, jams and sauces with no white sugar (sugar free!!)  For over 30 years, GenuineOregon.com has exemplified the high standards for pure fresh quality ingredients that today's consumers demand! 
All of our products are made and grown in Oregon using our old-fashioned homemade country-style recipes.  We make all of our products ourselves and do not rely on any other producer to pack these for us.  This way, we can control the quality and content of every jar you purchase.
We pride ourselves in offering the largest selection on the internet of the absolute best old fashion, homemade, country style Marionberry, Cranberry and Huckleberry products.  Our secret is selecting only the finest ingredients, the cream of the crop...   

"We pick the best... someone else gets the rest !"

We start with premium fresh fruits, berries & hazelnuts from Oregon's finest growers.  After more than a quarter century roaming the fields and orchards of this beautiful countryside, we've learned a little about the land and the people who work it... 
The growers we select share our quest for quality and take great  pride in putting the very best on your table. Whether you're shopping for a holiday gift basket of Oregon made specialty foods to send to friends and family, or simply ordering up another jar of your favorite jam, always look for the GENUINE OREGON PRODUCT label.
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The Willamette Valley has long been known to grow some of the best fruit in the entire world. The Marionberry was originally called "No. 256". It was created at Oregon State University located in Marion County, Oregon, hence the name Marionberry. It is a horticultural cross between several cane berries; the Blackberry, Red Raspberry, Olallie Berry and Texas Dewberry, to name a few. This berry is considered to be the CADILLAC of the Blackberry World. We have taken this berry and created the most extensive and exciting product selection you will find anywhere in the world. While other jam companies make jam, we make everting from Marionberry Chutney to Marionberry Vinaigrette and beyond!

Are you getting hungry yet?
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Each year we make our way through the cranberry bogs of Bandon during harvest time. Located on the Oregon coast, the Bandon climate produces juicier and naturally sweeter berries. We inspect the crops to make sure we get the best of the best. Once you've tried any of our Cranberry products, you'll know we are very successful at what we do, and you'll want them in all of your recipes.

Cranberries are a healthy treat. So treat yourself and remember...Cranberries aren't just for Thanksgiving anymore!!! 
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Where the heck is Coquille?
OK, just check your map and you will find it is in the Oregon Coast Mountain Range, about 20 miles east of the Pacific Ocean. When pioneers settled the Oregon country, the Huckleberry became an important food source and was often called "BLUE GOLD". There are 13 different varieties of Huckleberries which can be harvested on Oregon's mountain ranges. We work directly with a family in Coquille who are descendents of the Coquille Indians. This family goes into the rich forests of the Coast Mountains and harvests this wild fruit so you can try a very rare treat that has been enjoyed for over 4,000 years. Many people have told us that our Huckleberry Jam is simply "the best we have ever eaten and we have tried a lot of different Huckleberry Jams". Look at our Huckleberry Preserves, Huckleberry Jams, Huckleberry Sugar Free Jams, Huckleberry Vinegars, Huckleberry Dressing, Huckleberry Chutney, Huckleberry Sauce, Huckleberry Candy Bar, Huckleberry Taffy, Dried Huckleberries and all the Huckleberry Products to choose from.

Take a chance, try something from the wild back country of Oregon and LIVE WILD !!! 
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